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Diamond Studs

These classic earrings are simple yet elegant, and are a must for every woman's jewelry collection.
Easy to match to other jewelry pieces yet beautiful enough to make a stunning statement on their own, studs are a must-have for any jewelry box.

Round Cut Diamond Studs

At JewelryONet you will find prices range from less than $150 to several thousand dollars depending on the stones' size and quality, each two separate earrings are precisely match in color, clarity, size and weight.

Princess Cut Diamond Studs

Cut, color, and clarity are all important factors when buying your diamond. Princess cut diamnods are wonderful for a lady with a broad face while round diamonds go well with narrower features. The most popular arrangement for diamond studs is a 4 or 6-prong setting, though bezel settings are also used occasionally.

Designer Diamond Studs

Earrings make the perfect gift because they are always the right fit for any occasion. Surprise her with a gift of beautiful diamond stud earrings. See the newest designs in our collection of elegant diamond earrings.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Studs are just one type of diamond earrings, but they are the most popular choice because of their elegant simplicity and because they are always the right fit. Because diamond stud earrings are so simple & elegant, it is easy to match them to an engagement ring as an anniversary or engagement gift. The easiest pick is to choose the identical shape to what is used in the ring, or to choose the closest approximation, for example princess cut earrings can complement emerald and radiandt cut engagement rings. To create a jewelry set, consider choosing a diamond size that is proportional to the engagement ring. Our earrings feature screw-on backs for added security, each pair of studs is offered with the appropriate certificates and appraisals to verify their authenticity.